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The Artist's Tools

I am often asked about the tools that I use in my creative process. I have a friend, that loves to look at my paints and brushes. She loves the colours, mess and often crazed look of their organization. I think she thinks I am an adult kindergarten student who just like to mess about with colour and finger paint. As a child, I remember my mother taking me to the art store and to me that was as good as going to a candy store...artists' eye candy! I must admit, I am still addicted to art stores and two of my favourites are Woolfits on Queen West and any DeSerres Art Store. My most valuable drawing and paintings tools would include charcoal, pens, markers, oil and chalk pastels, oil paint sticks, acrylic paints, and of course, oil paints. Brushes are my most prized possession as an artist, and I treat them with great respect and they usually last me several years!
I would also have to include my many sketchbooks and camera as invaluable artist tools. I have maintained sketchbooks for many years, often quickly sketching line and movement or recording a memorable quote or phrase. My camera, although my work is not photo based, helps me record and digest the lines and images of organic matter and pattern, as seen in this beautiful rose in early January. Lastly, I would have to include books I read as "tools" as their imagery and stories often start creative wheels churning. I am currently reading, An Object of Beauty, by Steve Martin. If you love art and the art world, I highly recommend this novel. Martin's writing style is filled with the wit he is famous for. I also must mention my huge collection of art history books, which I continually refer to and draw inspiration from, Van Gogh, Diebenkorn, Klimt, Monet, Schiele, Trombly to name just a few!

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