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Dog Walking and Painting Inspiration

Many times, as I walk along the boardwalk in my Beach neighbourhood, I marvel at the beauty of the great lakes. I suppose we are very lucky to have this wonder as a setting for Toronto, but although many Torontonians enjoy Lake Ontario often, I think that we easily forget and take these "inland seas" for granted.
I would be also guilty of that myself, if it was not for my golden doodle, Harley, who forces me out in the most inclement weather imaginable. He seem totally unaffected by the icy blasts of wind off the lake, enjoying the moment in all kinds of weather. So lucky for me, I guess, I am constantly inspired by Lake Ontario's mastery as Harley cannot go without his daily walks! Every day, it's mood changes. Some days ultramarine, other days teal....and still others soaked with drips and wild waves. So it was after one of these blustery, rainy day walks, I tried to capture it's beauty on a large canvas. Hard to photograph and see the strong brush strokes and heavy layers of paint and drips, but I feel Rainy Day Walk (pictured above on left, 48 X 55 inches), captures a small part of Lake Ontario's massive strength. By the way, that's Harley on the right, enjoying a canoe ride on Lake Joseph this fall!

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  1. great painting - nice reflection of a rainy day! You are so lucky to live within a few steps of Lake Ontario.