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Pattern and Yoga

Been thinking about my work through the lens of pattern and realizing that this "theme" could take me a lifetime to explore. My mind goes wild at the possibilities! Pattern in water, plants and even human pattern! But truly, painting for me was always about pattern, but my newest pieces are simplified or "stripped down", to pattern's basic elements. Limited in colour, they send a sense of peace and meditation to the viewer. I have always felt this peace when working on my paintings, but sometimes detail in a work, can distract the eye and the senses. With this search for simplicity in mind, I ventured off to a yoga retreat in the Bahamas for the month of February. At Sivananda Yoga Centre in the Bahamas, I followed a busy routine of rising at 5:30 a.m. meditation, chanting, yoga, work in the kitchen for 5 hours a day, then evening sat sang.

It is my hope as an artist, that this process has helped me strip away the unnecessary "details" in my life and in my work. The painting above, Fruitful Multiplication speaks of this simplicity I long for but still references the organic energy that drives my desire to paint.

I think I would like to refer to my newest paintings as "zen like fun". They can be seen in person at Canvas Gallery in Toronto. (above Pollination 48 X 48 and Blue Sky Day 40 X 40)

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