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Metamorphosis and Paint

As an artist, there is no looking back.  I suppose that is the same in life if you want to move forward.  Not that the past and past images are not important and relevant.  But instead, they are building blocks for the present and cannot be duplicated or imitated again.

My work is a summary of all I have seen; all I have experienced.  I credit all artist's work that I have had the pleasure to admire, as they are my inspiration and fuel my creative spirit. My admiration for colour, famous artists my contemporaries can be viewed in my Pinterest collection.

These colourful pieces are being created in the middle of our Canadian winter.  They are more sculptural, more layered, more textured than previous series.  Continuing the themes of colour and nature, their creation is a quiet and meditative process.  It is my hope that they carry this peace with them.

Above work:  Pink Blossoms, Spring Through my Window and Through the Pines (all 36 X 36 inches, oil on canvas)

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  1. I like your new paintings! As always, great color. They have a nice flow and are very peaceful.