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Pink Rain and Figure Drawing

Has been a while since I focused on figures but for participation in the upcoming November show, Element - Water at Todmorden Mills Papermill Art Gallery (opening November 14, 6 - 9 p.m. 67 Pottery Road, Toronto), I felt a different approach was necessary.  My artist statement for the show summarizes my thoughts:

Element - Water, felt like a comfortable fit for me as many of my previous paintings use the ebb and flow of water for their inspiration.  After giving my painting approach some thought, I felt I wanted to push myself further and explore my highly personal relationship with water.  And so, I felt compelled to portray a female form in these paintings.

Some of the work featured at this show includes the above painting titled, Reflection and Pink Rain (below).  Each work focusing on a different aspect of the female form as it relates to the water around us.

This combination of female and organic form has helped me rediscover my love of life drawing.  I have been participating in several open classes and will continue to develop this connection in my work. As much as I have enjoyed adding figures, I am still drawn to just experimenting with paint and organic shapes, as seen in Pond Patterns (below).  I think for me, it is the play with paint that is most consuming.   Hope you enjoy these new images and may they bring colour into your fall!

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