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Painting Finds New Home at Mount Sinai Hospital

Last week, I rented a U-Haul and took one of my largest paintings to brighten the walls of Mount Sinai Hospital. They were ever grateful and promised to find it a suitable spot where it might lighten the walls of a sometimes very somber place.

The painting Ebb and Flow is one of the largest single pieces I have painted. Measuring 60 X 60 inches, it is difficult, if not impossible to carry up many stair cases or to transport unless you have an over sized van!

This is not the first of my work that has found it's way to Mount Sinai. When I was working on large figurative pieces, several years ago, I donated the pieces below, Hope and Kara. At the time, I often drew inspiration from the many beautiful friends my daughters had that would visit our home frequently. Their remarkable energy and positive enthusiasm always was a fascination.

I often think about painting figures again and probably will someday, maybe sometime soon. But there are many figurative artists I admire and do figurative so well. For example, Linda Christensen. Her work takes a figure and moves it so seamlessly into abstraction. Or how about Geoff Farnsworth's dreamlike use of colour in his work? Quite remarkable! For now, figurative paintings are still in the creative "brewing" stage.

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