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New Website Design by Gareth Bate

I am pleased to announce that my new website is almost complete! It has been designed by Gareth Bate who is a freelance designer and artist living in Toronto. I think I noticed Gareth's clean approach to web design when admiring the work of Margaret Glew. Always loved Margaret's large, bold, abstract approach to painting. Gareth is very professional and his designs are always creatively responsive to the artistic style of his clients. Gareth can be reached through his website or at
On the new site,, my work is divided into three categories: Light, Earth, and Water. Enjoy browsing through a wide variety of work. Currently, I am drawing artistic inspiration from pattern in organic life and the urban sprawl that surrounds me.
"...artist have been affected by patterns in nature since day one. Every line we lay to paper and every move we make is part of the magical sequence...and the line goes where it needs to go....: Kristi Bridgeman
It is through these repeating patterns that I hope to achieve a closer union with the natural rhythms of our remarkable planet. I hope the viewer of my work achieves that same sense of peace.

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